“Man” Buns…Ugh

Let me start off with I HATE that when silly insecure white men feel so afraid that  women are over taking over the world that they need to appropriate something girly to make themselves fell like men again. I’m sure there is a weird psychological term for it.  I really don’t have hours to search the For example buns, or braids, or the romper.

The only time a man could be allowed to sport a “man” bun is I don’t know maybe if he is a ballet dancer with long hair and the company he is with allows that sort of thing. Other than that no man should walk around it a bun and have the nerve to call it a “man” bun.

It’s not a “man” bun! It’s just a plain old bun. Let’s call a spade a spade, and a bun a bun.  It doesn’t make something more manly if you put the word “man” in front of it. You’re just a dude wearing a bun probably in a romper.

Most of these “man” buns I have seen are just sad looking. Logically if you have a short hair in general, a bun is difficult look for one to rock.

If you notice guys who rock a ponytail don’t call it a “man” ponytail. It’s always been a ponytail. If you want to dress like a lady call it what it is. Don’t throw the word “man” in front of it to justify your manly need for a bun or braid.  I don’t think it means what you think it means.



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