Tassels…Trendy or Tacky?

While this trend has been hot for a while now and I have even tried it out, I have to wonder how silly it will look in photographs 10 years from now.  ” Hey Mum, remember when you wore the end of a bookmark as earrings? ” Well, that’s if kids of the future even know what an actual bookmark looks like. Because lets be real that’s what they are. Some designer used to be a reader back in the day, probably was spring cleaning, found a collection of bookmarks and goes: hmm…I know just how to re-purpose these bad boys. Earrings! Necklaces! Bracelets! Purse Charms!

Sometimes while I applaud the creativity I have to wonder if designers are just messing with us. For example some peeps were sitting around drinking one night and in their drunken haze was playing with a bottle cap. Remember when those were a thing? Earrings everywhere. So horrid.   But lots of girls rocked that look for some reason. Maybe they thought it made them look tough? I still have nightmare about that. If you want to be a bad A@# bottle caps are so not the way to go.

Sorry guess my ADD kicked in there, back to Tassels. If bookmarks aren’t your thing, lets compare them to cat toys. I have this wand that my cat, Pepper, carries everywhere. Its a string with about 5 tassels and some feathers. If someone comes into my house wearing tassel anything they better be prepared for a cat attack.

So Tassel=Bookmark or Cat toy. So Tacky. This trend is not there to stay.


If you really want to jump on those earrings here’s the link :




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